Exposure Scientific researches, develops and markets consumer healthcare products that are proven by science, patented, and disruptive to traditional pharmaceutical approaches.


Exposure Scientific markets a range of unique healthcare products. Click the 'Learn More' buttons below for a summary of each product, or the "Website" buttons to view that product's full website.

AllergX® Allergy Defense Formula

Clinical studies have shown that AllergX® helps maintain healthy immune function throughout the pollen allergy season, and it is 100% free from drowsy side effects.*

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HeadX® Pain Defense

HeadX® boosts cell energy to help maintain a normal pain-free head, neck / back, muscles and joints. It was shown to reduce the severity and frequency of head and body pains.*

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Solar D® Vitamin D Sunscreen

Solar D® sunscreens permit the passage of some of the sunlight our skin uses to produce vitamin D, and effectively filter unwanted, harmful UV rays.  Solar D sunscreens provide SPF 15, SPF 30 and SPF 50 sun protection.

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