Dedicated to researching, developing, marketing and licensing unique healthcare products that are patented, backed by science and disruptive to traditional pharmaceutical and drug approaches.

Forward Thinking

At Exposure Scientific, LLC, we think in terms of preventive modalities that are backed by hard science, and aim to provide consumers viable information and options, and to develop unique products for their healthcare needs.


Innovation is at the heart of developing new approaches to consumer healthcare needs in areas that affect tens or hundreds of millions of people looking for viable alternatives to widespread and common health issues.

Credible Science

All Exposure Scientific, LLC products are developed, tested extensively and validated by the leading MDs, PhDs and scientific researchers in their fields of expertise. We offer only proven solutions based on real science.


Exposure Scientific, LLC is committed to core values of integrity, extensive research, quality development and continuous testing to ensure the highest quality needs-targeted consumer healthcare products. We are dedicated to your well-being with effective products that are fully FDA-compliant and backed with extensive hard science.


Ernest T. Armstrong, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Ernest Armstrong has been a founding member of three pharmaceutical companies.

He has worked planning and implementing international clinical research since the early 1990s and has had responsibility for the overall operations of large, late-stage drug development programs on thousands of subjects and budgets of over $15,000,000. He has worked with the FDA and written documents on approval and regulatory matters, and has invented and authored several medical patents.

Mr. Armstrong has also been involved in pharmaceutical business development, an experience that included his interfacing with some 200 pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

He was an Associate Professor of International Business at Dai-Ichi Economics College, Japan, speaks several languages and has lived in Canada, France, Guatemala, Italy, Japan and Switzerland.

Mr. Armstrong’s undergraduate education was at Humboldt State University, BA, in Business and French and Biology studies, and graduate school at University of California at Santa Barbara (Statistics) and San Francisco State University (MBA).

Marty Marion


Marty Marion has been a principal of and consultant to numerous healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare marketing agencies for more than forty years.  He was responsible for developing the go-to-market strategies, and managing the execution of marketing programs for numerous healthcare products, including Rx, over-the-counter products, and health supplements.

He was formerly Director of Business Development at Grey Direct / Grey Advertising and later served as VP, Strategic Planning and Business Development for DMB&B’s healthcare division Medicus, then the world’s largest pharmaceutical marketing agency.

He is CEO of Viralogics Corporation, and was formerly the co-publisher of Sexual Health Magazine, a member of the Agency Leader’s Council of the Direct Marketing Association, and a winner / finalist of two Clio Awards for Excellence in Advertising.

Mr. Marion is a graduate of The State University of New York, was a Research Fellow in the Department of Anthropology at New York University Graduate School, and is a Diplomate of the Arden House Executive Management Program of Columbia University Graduate School of Business.


Lyndon E. Mansfield, MD, CPI

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Lyndon Mansfield is board certified in Pediatrics, Allergy and Clinical Immunology, and in Diagnostic Laboratory Immunology/Clinical Lab Immunology.

Dr. Mansfield is a Clinical Professor of Pediatrics and an Adjunct Professor of Biology.

He is a Certified Principal Investigator, has conducted dozens of clinical studies, and has worked with pharmaceutical companies on clinical study design, protocol development and as a representative for regulatory matters to the FDA.

He has authored or co-authored over 90 medical manuscripts and over 104 scientific research presentations.

Dr. Mansfield has been involved in clinical research for over 30 years. Most of this research was on asthma, COPD, rhinitis, urticaria, atopic dermatitis and food allergy.

He was trained in medicine at Thomas Jefferson Medical University, UC Irvine and UCLA.

Dr. Mansfield served his country with distinction as a physician for the U.S. Army.

Michael F. Holick, PhD, MD

Medical Advisor for Vitamin D

Dr. Michael Holick is regarded by many as the world’s foremost authority on vitamin D. He is Professor of Medicine, Physiology and Biophysics, and Director of the Heliotherapy, Light, and Skin Research Center at the Boston University Medical Center.

He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine, a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition, and a member of the American Academy of Dermatology.

Dr. Holick has authored more than 260 peer-reviewed publications, and written more than 200 review articles, as well as numerous book chapters.  He has written popular books titled The UV Advantage and The Vitamin D Solution.

He earned a PhD in biochemistry and an MD at the University of Wisconsin.

Livia Sappington

Vice President, Commercial Relations

Ms. Livia Sappington has been integral in making stock, equity, and real estate deals with investors since the 1990s.

Over the last decade she worked as stockbroker and financial advisor at Wells Fargo Advisors and at Morgan Stanley. She was Chief Operating Officer of an Australian-based investment firm.

She facilitated partnerships with investors for large-scale commercial real estate development projects. She was V.P. of Investments at IGB Real Estate North America, a California-based venture in collaboration with Deutsche Bank.  She secured $50 million in equity through syndication.

Ms. Sappington was responsible for project evaluation and was a liaison between developers and investors.

As a as stockbroker and financial advisor she holds or held financial securities licenses (SEC Series 7 and SEC Series 66).  As a commercial realtor she holds or held real estate certificates in Florida, Texas, New York, and California.  She speaks fluent English and Hungarian, and conversational Italian and French.

Alejandro Diaz, MD

Vice President, International Business Development

Dr. Alejandro “Alex” Diaz is board certified in Pediatrics, Allergy and Clinical Immunology.  Dr. Diaz’s clinical specialties are asthma, allergic rhinitis, atopic dermatitis, food allergy, bio-identical hormones, and oncology.

Dr. Diaz is a renowned international medical speaker and has presented his work in multiple countries.

For over a decade Dr. Diaz collaborated as a global, panel physician for the U.S. Department of State, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  As a member of the International Panel Physicians Association, his practice has focused on global health.  He screened many thousands of immigrants wishing to enter the USA.

Dr. Diaz conducted clinical research, primarily at the Western Sky Medical Research clinic under the mentorship of Dr. Lyndon Mansfield.

He is a board member for Border-Less Giving El Paso Children’s Hospital.  For his service to the community, he was awarded the title of Deputy Sheriff for the Doña Ana County, New Mexico.

He is fluent in English and Spanish.

Alicia P. Armstrong, BA, CP

Corporate Secretary, Paralegal

Ms. Alicia Armstrong has worked for several pharmaceutical companies in the capacity of corporate secretary and paralegal.  Her role has been primarily to organize and maintain corporate documents and computer databases in preparation for mergers, licensing and regulatory filings.  She has developed and implemented a detailed filing system for the company’s shareholders.  Her education includes training in computer science as well as a BA degree in humanities.

Ms. Armstrong holds a degree as a Certified Paralegal from the University of San Diego.

Alison E. Graham

Creative Director

During her 20 years as a designer in the corporate sector, Alison Graham has led graphics teams for such companies as Northern Telecom, Softimage, Microsoft, Jazz Media Networks, Cobalis Corp., Viralogics and Global Vision.

She is an award-winning designer of logos, brand images, packaging for consumer healthcare products, collateral materials and advertising for high-end pharmaceutical, retail and consumer healthcare products; she is a professional writer and member of the Writers Guild of Canada.

Jerry L. Swoveland

Business Advisor

Mr. Jerry Swoveland has been involved in the management and financing of pharmaceutical companies for over two decades.  He has been instrumental in the formation of Exposure Scientific, and continues to provide extensive business advice and financial expertise.

He has also worked with advanced technology in the fields of nuclear submarines and aircraft.

Paul H. Ratner, MD, MBA

In Memorium

Dr. Paul Ratner began his medical practice in 1984 specializing in allergies, asthma and immunology, and founded Sylvana Research, a research facility studies for new investigational medications.

Dr. Ratner was a past President of The Society of Principal Investigators, a core member of Clinical Research Network (CRN), and was Chairman of the Public Relations Committee of The American College of Allergy. He was appointed as a Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatrics in 1979.

Dr. Ratner was a principal investigator for the clinical trials that demonstrated the effectiveness of the active ingredients in AllergX® to lower the over-production of the allergen antibody IgE and help regulate the release of histamine.

Dr. Ratner passed away in November, 2017, but his impact and contribution to Exposure Scientific will always remain.

Carlos Tejeda

Vice President, Operations

Mr. Tejeda is a highly experienced operations, finance and corporate governance executive for over 30 years for regional, national and international corporations in finance and healthcare.

He has worked for more than three decades in the corporate finance and management arena, which has included positions at Security Pacific Bank, Cobalis Corp., and TM Financial.

Michael Stoller, JD

Corporate Counsel

Attorney Michael Stoller, is an experienced and licensed attorney for over 25 years primarily in the realm of business and civil law, and contract law.

He is an advocate for various charitable organizations, including those for human rights, homeless U.S. military veterans, among many others.

Mr. Stoller graduated from Boston University, MA, and Southwestern University School of Law, Los Angeles, CA.

Hepburn Armstrong


Exposure Scientific owes a debt of gratitude to Mr. Hepburn Armstrong (1923 – 2001), without whom the original concepts of developing innovative non-pharmaceutical modalities for consumer health issues would not have germinated.

Hepburn uncovered the original formula for what has become Exposure Scientific’s AllergX® product in 1976, and while he is no longer with us, we honor his legacy through the work of our company.

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