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We present here a range of information resources and links relating to our various products and health categories which you may find helpful.

Important Information Resources & Links

Here we present a range of online resources and links where you may find additional information about our various product categories.

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Headache and Related Resources and Links

Allergy and Related Resources and Links

Dr. Paul H. Ratner, MD, MBA’s Allergy Research Facility:

Dr. Lyndon E. Mansfield, MD’s Allergy Research Facility:

Mangrove Extract and Related Resources and Links

Cold Sore & Herpes Viruses and Related Resources and Links

Vitamin D and the Sun and Related Resources and Links

Official Solar D™ Website:

Solar D™ Facebook Page:

Dr. Michael F. Holick, PhD, MD:

The Vitamin D Council:

Vitamin D Day

Vitamin D Society

Grassroots Health

The US Solar D™ Patent Application:

World Health Organization Sun and Vitamin D:

Sunscreens Suppress Vitamin D Synthesis:

Calcium, Vitamin D & Osteoporosis:

Time In the Sun:

U.K. Public Health Officials Recommend Increased Public Understanding of Safe Sun Exposure

Studies: Millions of U.S. Kids Lacking Vitamin D

Slip, Slop, Crack: the Vitamin D Crisis:

Oprah and Dr. Oz on Vitamin D (Near End of Clip)

Pediatricians Double Kids’ Vitamin D Recommendations:

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